More Free Investing Resources

The FT Global Stock Screener and Google Stock Screener described in the review cover the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. 

The Google stock screener for each country has more company entries than the FT Screener but that does not mean it has more data for companies with actual information in each entry.


Links to Free Investing Resources and Tools

This is a list of free sites or sites with an investment tool or resource that is free but which may have an extra pay for element.



Other Free Stock Screeners Stock Screener
A simple fundamental screener with 30 search criteria.

Fidelity offer a basic set of preset screens, a preferred securities screen for high dividend yields, and ETF and fund screens.

The Graham Investor
This website about  value investing in  the style of Benjamin Graham includes the results of 7 screens including Graham’s NCav in various forms and a screen showing high Piotroski F-Scores together with P/E and book value. These screens are apparently updated recently and the results include a time stamp. 

Market Watch – Free Intraday Stock Screener
A simple stock screener with 12 categories.

Morningstar Stock Screener
You need to be a registered member of Morningstar to use this basic screener.

Motley Fool Stock Screener
A simple stock screener with 39 search criteria mainly based on its Caps picks.

Uncle Stock Screener
Free stock screener by Peter Nees with eight sophisticated preset screens. However, the data in the screener may be too old to make investments decisions from.

Old School Value
Old School Value has 14 preset value screens that are apparently updated at least once a week.



Free Stock Screeners

Canada Stock Channel
List results of its stock screen that is done every month using its Dividend Rank.

TD Waterhouse
Customers who use TD Waterhouse as their Canadian broker have access to a basic stock screening service.

TX Money Stock Screener
A basic screen with a number of presets that will search on all the US and Canadian exchanges.



Investment Resources